Code of Ethics

A Code of Ethics for students of Prima Ballet School promotes ethical behaviour and provides a framework of sound judgement when in the school or community. When someone acts in an unethical manner, it reflects not only on the individual but also the school. In order to ensure the integrity of our community, students, parents/guardians and staff are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

The Code of Ethics for Students

The key elements of ethical conduct for a registered student at Prima Ballet School is as follows:

  1. Support other students and promote the concept of everyone doing their best
  2. Concentrate on my personal goals and respect the goals/pursuits of my peers which may not be the same as mine
  3. Listen and speak to my professional teachers/coaches/mentors with respect
  4. Understand that decisions regarding roles and skill requirements are the responsibility of my professional educator and I will not complain, but discuss how to work towards my dream/goal
  5. Take personal responsibility for the outcome of my art education which involves analyzing the situation and make changes accordingly without placing blame on any one
  6. Never discuss my disappointments or displeasure of Prima Ballet School or its staff in open forums, including front lobby, website, social media
  7. Maintain confidentiality and the privacy of my fellow community members
  8. Always act with fairness and integrity while pursuing excellence

A Code of Ethics is strongly supported by students when parents/guardians and staff become an integral member of the community at Prima Ballet School and also conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

The Code of Ethics for Parents / Guardians / Staff

The key elements of ethical conduct for parents/guardians/staff is as follows:

  1. Read the Code of Ethics to your child/student and be open to discuss
  2. Be a role model … choose to set a high standard of ethical character and conduct
  3. Never discuss any issues in front of the child, but request a meeting time to review concerns with parent/staff in order to resolve issues and work through a respectful solution for everyone
  4. Never discuss my disappointments in open forums, including front lobby, website, social media
  5. Be solution oriented and present yourself with a forward-thinking attitude
  6. Understand that decisions regarding the overall well-being and education of the student is the primary mandate for Prima Ballet School
  7. Encourage your child/student to develop their talent and passion
  8. Be a part of the learning by asking questions, attend open invites to the class, request a meeting