Uniform & Dress Code

For your convenience, most of your uniform needs can be purchased at Prima Ballet School. We prefer to size/fit our students properly in-house … appointments will be scheduled in-advance of your  child’s class.

Classic ballet buns are required for all ages of ballet. Clean and tidy haircut is required for those with short hair. Headbands may be optional based on level/grade.

The boys uniform consists of: white Tshirt (Prima logo wear), black ballet shorts/black tights, white ankle socks, black ballet slippers. The girls uniform is as follows:

Each level will have its assigned COLOUR. Each level/grade will utilize the same coloured leotard for approximately 2 years (based on growth & wear/tear).

Skirts will be required for certain levels/grades. Details will be listed in the Registration/Curriculum Package.

Tights and/or ballet socks will be required for some classes. Clean tights are expected for performances and may vary from pink to beige pending on performance requirements.

Canvas ballet slippers are required for all students during ballet class time. Leather ballet slippers will not be permitted. Clean ballet slippers are expected for performances. In addition, some classes may require Character shoes, Jazz shoes or Pointe shoes pending on class enrolment.

During this class, students are expected to wear a leotard, body shorts/leggings. NO sweaters, tank tops or t-shirts are permitted. Hair can be in a tidy bun or pulled-back.

During ensemble & workshops, students are expected to wear a leotard, skirt or leggings pending on the program. Details will be provided upon registration. NO sweaters, tank tops or t-shirts are permitted.